Delphic Crest

Delphic Crest

About Us – Basic Facts


Namesake: Town of Delphi, Greece

Founding Date: October 13, 1871

Founding School: SUNY Geneseo

Re-Establishment Date: March 11, 1987

Re-Establishment School: SUNY New Paltz

Motto: Friendship, Fellowship, Fidelity

Maxim: Unity AmonGST All

Colors: Red, White, and Royal Blue

Flowers: White Rose and Red Dahlia

Jewel: Ruby

Mascot: Dragon

Vision Statement: Elevating leadership skills within our membership through knowledge and community to build a better world.

Philanthropy: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Chapters: 14 (1 Active Undergraduate, 3 Active Graduate, 3 Alumni, 7 Inactive)

Delphic Symbol

Delphic 7 Symbol