Fraternity Founders and Re-Establishing Brothers


The Delphic Fraternity is unique to recognize two groups of founding members that have played important roles in the history of the organization. The fraternity was originally founded by thirteen young men at the Geneseo State Normal School in upstate New York who first met on October 13, 1871, to form the Delphic Society (today known as the Delphic Fraternity). On March 11, 1987, twelve students at the State University College of New Paltz (today SUNY New Paltz) revived the historic Delphic Fraternity after nearly 15 years of dormancy. The organization was re-established as Delphic of Gamma Sigma Tau Fraternity, the first official multicultural fraternity on the east coast. The organization is incorporated in the state of New York as The Delphic Fraternity, Inc. and does business as Delphic of Gamma Sigma Tau Fraternity.

Founders of the Delphic Society

 John B. Abbott

Charles W. Barney

Lewis E. Coe

John N. Drake

William S. Janes

William S. Kershner

Scott L. McNinch

James M. Milne

Loring Olmsted

Frank E. Welles

Charles S. Wilbur

Ara Wilkinson

Frank A. Winnie

Re-Establishing Brothers of Delphic of Gamma Sigma Tau

Steve Carle

Jose Carrion

Gil DeLeon

Emanuel Egipciaco

Ventura Lopez

Michael Rand

Steve Rappleyea

Todd Reed

Eugenio Rodriguez

Edwin Ruiz

Jeff Seoul

Lawrence Troutman